One of the Perks


I get to teach adorable little kids how to dance!  I absolutely love my job and know I am lucky have it!  On top of getting to be around all those crazy cuties sometimes they even bring me gifts!  One precious little girl brought me this hand made card!  It says Valentine’s Day on it so maybe she made it a while ago and forgot to bring it?!















2013-02-27_17-35-51_541Is your heart melting?  Mine is!!  I love presents!  They’re my love language!  Plus I totally remember coloring things for people when I was little!  It was my favorite thing to do!  Especially when one would end up on the fridge or in my Dad’s office!  My brother would even put them up on the fridge in his dorm room!  Now that’s love!

In honor of coloring, today’s questions will be in color!



What are some of the perks of your job?


Did you color when you were little?

Did any of your work end up on the fridge?













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  1. Hey! Praying this wk goes well!:)

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