Week 4

I can’t believe it but it’s the end of the 4th week of school already!  How did that happen?!

It’s going great!  I’ve made it through the first round of test and we’re starting to work on midterm stuff for several of my classes.  So far I’m feeling pretty good about it all.  I can feel my body adjusting to the schedule which is nice.  I knew it would take about a month, it just seemed to go faster than I thought it would!

There are a couple of unexpected dance performances coming up which I am really excited for.  Tomorrow night I get to perform at a charity event.  The theme is old Hollywood so we get to have our makeup and hair all done up 50’s style!  I’ve never done that style before with my hair but I know it’s really cute!

Next week there is a Women’s History month performance that I get to perform in and we will be a part of a flash mob!  I’ve never done that either!

And then, the week after that there is a performance at my school and I get to be in a ton of dances for that too!  I am loving all these unexpected opportunities!  Especially because i haven’t had to audition for most of them!  That might be the best part!

This is my daily routine after class – lay in bed with ice packs on my shin splints.  Who knew my phone camera was so horrible though.  I guess it’s pretty obvious it’s not an iPhone!



Ever been to a gala?  What was it for?

Do you like the old Hollywood era? Do you have a favorite era?

How is school going for you?  Where are you in the semester/quarter?

Have you ever been a part of a flash mob?



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