Lessons from my psych book!


I’ve been studying so much for my psych exam that I feel like my brain might explode!  It’s weird, I love to read but when I have to sit and read a textbook for 3 hours at a time I have to chain myself to the couch otherwise everything else sounds like more fun!

That sounds bad.  I promise, I’m a nerd who loves to read and study!  It’s just that I’ve spent the last 5 hours studying so I’m mentally done!


This picture reminds me of a more relaxing day- when I didn’t spend every free minute studying!

Here’s some fun facts I learned:

Did you know that there is an actual scientific name for that sometimes annoying, sometimes creepy baby talk thing that people do when they talk to kids?  It’s called child-directed speech and it’s actually really enjoyable for the baby!  It even helps their development!

When a baby is born they have the ability to make all the noises for all of the 6,000 + languages on our planet!  But as they grow older their brain eliminates the ones they don’t need for the language in which they learn to communicate.

And fact # 3: your super genius baby that says one word and communicates to you a whole sentence, that’s called a holophrase! (<—Spell check doesn’t even know that word!  How smart are we!  We outsmarted spell check!)


Baby: Bottle

You: run to the fridge to grab them a bottle and proceed to feed your genius baby!

See, they just said one word but communicated to you that they were hungry and wanted to eat!

You can thank my psychology professor for making you a little bit smarter today!  Ha!

Any psychology majors out there?

What was your major?  Do you use it in your job today?

If you were to do college over again would you pick the same major?


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