Slurpee’s to the Rescue!

We had a super long day and what’s the best pick me up for those??!!!


That’s right!  We are adults who still love slurpees!  And yes, they can solve some problems!

I used to love these as a kid.  We had and AM/PM/Arco within walking distance from my house and it was always a huge treat when we got to walk down with our friends and our change to get slurpees!  I stopped this ritual when I hit high school but my hubby picked it up in high school.  He used to drive around all night with his friends and they would inevitably hit up a 7/11 at some point in the night for a good ol’ slurpee.  The other night when the hubs went out with one of his bffs they got slurpess and I couldn’t resist!  The idea sounded so fun that the next time we had a night to ourselves I wanted to get slurpees!  Thus started our little tradition of late night slurpee runs!  Especially on those long/rough nights!



Ever had a slurpee?

What’s your favorite flavor?

Have a go to feel better thing when you’ve had a long night/week?


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