The day before it all gets crazy

Tomorrow I start midterms.

This week I have an exam, performance evaluation or paper in every class, sometimes more than one per class.

Also, I’m taking 10 classes, you do the math because I’m too tired from studying to do it myself!!

Thankfully, we had an awesome day!  And my hubby spoiled me with more flowers!2013-03-22_23-01-49_600


Have you seen ‘How I Met Your Mother?’  I love that show but specifically, I love Marshal and Lily’s relationship.  Mostly, I love that she calls him “Marshmellow”  I wish I could come up with a cute name for Mark but it’s not really a nicknamey kind of name from what I can think of.  The only thing I’ve got so far is Marky and that seems to obvious.  If you have any ideas let me know!  Don’t worry, we’ll keep it between us, I won’t tell him you made up his nickname for me!


Clean car, and the tires too! They needed it so badly!


Fun dress! My Mom has instilled in me a love of poke-a-dots!

IMG_3486 - Version 2

Handsome Hubby!


My gorgeous church that I am totally in love with and thankful for!! And our new garden!

When you have a busy week ahead of you do you do anything to get ready for it?

-I always try to have the house clean, laundry done and car clean pre-craziness, cleanliness calms me!

What’s your favorite color/kind of flower?

I love orchids, calla lilies, roses and peonies in green, white, red and white, respectively!  Mark has found some pretty cool 2 toned roses lately that are so neat to look at!  I love these red and yellow ones, they mean friendship and love, aww!!

Do you have a nickname?  Like nicknames?  Have any ideas for me?!


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