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Reads A lot

I heard a Francis Chan story and it really got me thinking the other day.  (When does that not happen though, he is AWESOME!)  My parents got to see him preach for the first time (finally) at their church last Sunday and they loved him!  ( I knew they would, I’ve been telling them for years!)  And by the way, they no longer think I’m crazy for driving 45 minutes every Sunday to hear him preach!  (before podcasts)


Anyway, his daughter had encountered a teacher who had misquoted the Bible and so she asked where that verse was found in the Bible.  The teacher did not have an answer, only, “it’s in there somewhere.”  So she went home and looked for it, and then she asked her dad where it was.  They didn’t find it.  Then next day she went to the teacher and humbly said that she reads the Bible and looked for it and couldn’t find it.  And then she asked her dad who reads the Bible a lot and he said it’s not in there.


There are so many beautiful things about this story.  I love that she had the guts to ask her teacher to back up his statement with a verse.  I love that she wasn’t afraid to question, probably without fear of her overall grade in the class.  I am ashamed to admit that before I question a professors assumptions on the Bible or Christians I contemplate how them maybe getting upset with me might affect my grade.  I love that she went home and looked it up and that she came back the next day, she didn’t give up.  And I love that she asked her dad!  In my household my dad was always the go to guy for Bible questions!  Now I get to ask my hubby!


But the best part is what she said about her dad.  “He reads the Bible a lot.”  I think that might be one of the best things a child can say about you and I hope and pray that my kids will think that about me so that I can pass that on to them!  What better way to spend your time and what better thing to be known for than spending time with God and in the scriptures.


Precious Moments baby figurine

Precious Moments baby figurine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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