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When Time Outs Don’t Work

Occasionally, with a super rebellious kid time outs don’t work.  Actually they can be counter productive if you have a child that is seeking attention and they find the negative attention to be just as great as the positive kind.

First off let me say, I’m sorry.

Some how you have been blessed with the wonderful opportunity to test your patience and sanity!  Ha!

That being said I would like to encourage you to stick with it.  With a difficult child the first step is the battle of the wills.  You have to out wait them, don’t give up.  Let me say it again while cheering you on:

-Don’t Give Up!!  You Can Do It!!-

Once you’ve won out the stubborn war, and believe me that can take days sometimes because often that test won’t just happen once.  The child wants to know you’re serious so they’re going to test those boundary lines for a while.  The next step is to find an appropriate form of discipline for the child.

In a classroom setting I would like to keep the child in the classroom and not punish the parents as well by sending the kid out of class.  Kicking a child out is always my last step.  I’ve seen the faces of some of these parents and I can read that they need a break too, if I can give them that for a small hour once a week, I will do my best!

Dictionary (software)

Dictionary (software) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My best strategy has been to have the child copy a page of the dictionary.  It’s tedious and boring and a little bit educational but mostly it keeps them occupied.  They can’t draw attention away from the class if they are sitting with their head down copying.  A lot of times the page looks intimidating and big so they will try and conquer it, in the process they are quieted.  If you have a stubborn child sometimes this can work with you as they will be determined to finish the whole page.  In 7 years I have never had to have a child finish a page though!

If this doesn’t work I will call in the parent and have them sit with the child and watch the class not allowing the child to participate for the rest of the class.  If this doesn’t work and the child shows no remorse or regret they are allowed to come back to one more class and after that they are not welcomed into the classroom for the rest of the session.  I allow them to take one more class because often they are having a bad day and after they have had some time to think about things they come back and willingly participate and follow the rules.  Thankfully, I’ve never had to kick a kid out of class!


Have you ever used a dictionary?  Have any other ideas for the discipline challenged?


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