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Pack A Lunch

Some days I leave the house at 8:00am and don’t return until 10:30pm.  I know, I’m crazy but it’s all in the name of graduating!


P.S. isn’t my purse super cute!? My Mom gave it to me for my birthday last year!

I pack a lunch My husband packs my lunch for me every morning!  I know, I’m super spoiled!  The thing is I get bored of the same food every day pretty quickly!  I know this might sound crazy since I have eggs or a salad 8 million times a week but I rarely make them the same way twice!  See the variety in there!?

So, what do you put in your lunches?

I usually have fruit: an apple, orange, pear whatever is in season and on sale.  Then I try and add in vegetables, lately it’s been carrots.  I’m kinda stuck on this one.  And some kind of protein bar for snacking.  My hubby makes me a pb&j every day too!  I love them and I grew up having one in my lunch almost every day.  But the thing is I don’t do gluten very well, my tummy gets mad at me and it makes my legs hurt more (thanks fibromyalgia!) so I need to come up with something new.  Please help!!


It looks sad today but there was a sandwich and a pear in there earlier, I couldn’t wait to eat it though so they missed their photo shoot!



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