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Busyness & Marriage


Trying to get that ‘smolder’ look down! The hubby’s trying to teach me so I can be as hot as he is!

Every week we have a date night.  We don’t always go out somewhere, actually half the time we just stay home! (Cheaper!)

During date night there are no cell phones, or computers, it’s just us.  During the semester, when there is only one night a week when we are both free this can sometimes be a sacrifice.  There are times when we don’t see some of our friends for a couple of months, but, if we gave up our night together we wouldn’t see each other for a week!  (During the week we have opposite schedules so there are days when we don’t see each other awake!)IMG_1423_2

My time of rest and our date night are super priorities in our weekly schedule.  Sometimes they mean we miss out on other stuff but if we miss those times of rest we suffer big time.

Have you ever had ‘me time’ or ‘us time’ become a sacrifice?

How do you deal?

Do you feel guilty?

– Help me out here because sometimes I definitely feel guilty about it!

What do you do for date night?

I’m always looking for fun new ideas!!  Share with me your wisdom, please!!  🙂



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