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Grandparent Adventures

There is nothing better than being a part of a group of people who are about to embark on some kind of service project.  I think this is exciting!  This is a task that is full of adventure and usually the best kind!  It seems that it is easiest to see God do great things when you are out trying to serve Him by serving people.

This is where the cool stories come from about a group of people needing to be fed and suddenly the local grocery store refrigerator breaks down and has to get rid of all their food.  (Francis Chan)

This is when a girl prays with a gang member who puts a gun to her head and the gun doesn’t go off.  When, miraculously, everything ends up working out wonderfully when it seemed like it was sure to be a disaster.

My hope is that our church discussions will spark a desire for others to have these adventures too.  How wonderful would it be to have a church full of people who go out and serve their community?!?  Not going door to door to hand out advertisements but going door to door to see what they can do to help others.


The craziest part is that I think the longer someone goes without doing something the harder it is to remember that they are capable of doing such great things!

I don’t know why older people have started to believe that they are incapable of doing certain things.  Maybe it is the younger generation’s fault for trying to push them aside?

My hope is that the older generations would stop believing they are too old to do good and start remembering how capable they really are!  I have learned more from my older, wiser mentors than I have learned from many of my friends!198157_864625382210_1659042092_nAs someone whose grandparents have already passed on and whose family lives far away, some of my most significant relationships have been with older members of the church who have chosen to reach out to me.  I needed them and oh how thankful I am for them!  The older generations are often more equipped to help as they have more time and more resources than the younger generation.  My prayer is that they will recognize their value and use it for good!

Ok, I realize I got a little preachy so I’m done now!  Told you I was a pastor!

Here is a picture of my hubby’s awesome Grandpa who I’m so thankful to call mine too!  He is a wonderful example and his marriage was a solid 72 years of Christian inspiration!

IMG_1242_2 copy


Have you ever had a mentor?

Have you ever been a mentor?

Are your Grandparents still alive?  Have you ever adopted someone else’s Grandparents!?



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