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Lent Study

How is your Lenten season going?  This is my favorite time of year!


In the study I am doing, this week’s focus is on confession.  Confession is good for us.  I know it sounds scary but it can actually be a very freeing experience.  Did you know that when we confess our sins God forgets!  Like completely forgets.  He says it is as far as the east is from the west.  (Psalms 103:12) You can go west forever and you will never reach east!  Think about that for a second!  Pretty cool huh!

I think one of the bigger struggles with sin is not the act of confession but the tendency we have to continue to define ourselves by our sins/mistakes.  How many times have you believed that you couldn’t do something because of your past, or felt like you weren’t good enough for something because of something you did a long time ago, or even yesterday!?  If you’re anything like me it happens more than you would like to admit.

As I’ve said before, fear is a liar.  My challenge for you today is to take some time of reflection to see where you are letting fear lie to you and prevent you from doing something.

One of the best parts about salvation and the life Jesus has given to us is the knowledge that we do not have to live in fear.  We should not live in fear!


Is there something you have convinced yourself you aren’t good enough to do?

Is there something  you really want to do but are too afraid to do it?

Can I help you overcome that fear?!



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