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Tomorrow I get to register for what might just be my last semester before I get my Dance Teaching Certificate!!!!!!!!!!!  I am sooooo excited I can’t even believe it!68724_598724624460_5217169_n  I have been working on a college degree for over 10 years (off and on) and I am thisclose to actually graduating!!!  I can’t even believe it!  I don’t care if I’m almost 10 years older than everyone else graduating I totally want to Walk!  And I’m trying to convince my hubby that we should go on a graduation trip!!

He's excited too!

He’s excited too!

I’m a little nervous because it seems too good to be true and every time I talk to a counselor they seem to tell me something different about graduating but I don’t care!  Right now I am celebrating!!  This is amazing!

Hopefully I will not just get my certificate but also an AA if I have all the credits lined up!  And then I can go on to APU and complete the accelerated degree completion program!  And then I can get my MDiv and Maters of Marriage and Family Therapy!  Yeah!  I like school!  And I have big plans!  No matter how long it takes me!!

Thankfully my Hubby is super supportive of me and willing to help me/deal with my craziness/messiness during midterms and finals each semester!!  He rocks!  my super hero <3Did I mention that he makes our bed every morning and even cleans up my dishes for me sometimes!  (He eats at work all the time but still comes home and does the dishes from my mess!)  Seriously, he is way too good for me!  I don’t know how I scored someone so great!  Actually, I tell him all the time that I never would have talked to him if we met first in real life because I would have been way too intimidated by him!  Thank God for eharmony!!

see, too handsome!  It took me a couple months to form complete sentences around him, he made me so nervous!

see, too handsome! It took me a couple months to form complete sentences around him, he made me so nervous!

Here’s my dinner from tonight!  I put weird things on my salad but it tastes good, I promise!  I also had edamame and roasted sweet potatoes with spinach.



How did you meet your spouse/significant other/bf/gf?

Ever tried online dating?  Did you have good experiences?  Bad ones?

Did you graduate from college?  How long did it take?  What did you study?


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