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What a Week

Saturday is here!  Wow, it has been one crazy week!  I am still adjusting to my new school schedule, add to that auditions, Grandpa getting sick and passing away, preparing for 8 performances next week at work, moving Grandpa’s stuff and on top of that, we sold our car!!  Whew, what a week!

Mestas130215-IMG_3278 - Version 2

Happy Saturday! Isn’t my photographer husband so rad at composition!?!

There have been little miracles that have made this time of busyness not so chaotic.

For one thing selling our car.  We have had it listed for about a month and there’s no way I imagined that it would sell it this week simply because it had already been a few weeks so I had gotten used to the idea that it may take a while.

Well, while I was going about my busyness my Dad was helping me out.  He was telling one of his business associates about our car and they ended up buying it from us!  How cool is that!?

Our Heavenly Father is often compared to our earthly father.  This is a very easy comparison to make but unfortunately often causes more pain than good.

With this car thing it reminded me, while we are going about our day working on our goals and doing our best to be obedient to God there are a million things going on around us that we have no idea about.  God is always working things out for the good of those who love Him.  God’s plan is always in motion most of it takes place when we have no clue.  My Dad helping me sell my car was a small version of that.  While I was doing my thing my Dad was helping me with something else I needed but didn’t have the ability to do myself.  His help created a huge blessing for me!

God does this all the time.

I felt like I got this lesson over an over again this week.  As my plate seemed to get fuller and fuller with things that needed to be done there were so many simple treats along the way.  I experienced an unexpected time of rest when one of my teachers canceled class.  I had a particularly nice lady help me out with some of my school paper work.  When I needed to meet with one of my professors a different professor called ahead to make sure he would be there and worked everything out so by the time I got there all I had to do was say hi and he took care of everything else!  Awesome!

How did you feel God’s love this week?

Ever had any God moments where you just knew He was doing something big?!

How was your week?  Busy?  Relaxing?

Anything big happen this week?


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