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It’s Not Friday Yet


We were spoiled last year – my parents came to visit!

Holy Week is here.

This is the week we remember, celebrate, thank and are humbled by the generous gift Jesus Christ gave us when He died on the cross for our sins.  IMG_0272

Go and watch this videoby The Skit Guys!  They are incredible, and this video is amazing.  IMG_0276

I’ll break down the week that we celebrate at my church:

Palm Sunday:  Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey surrounded by excited people who were happy to see Him just one week before they changed their mind and wanted Him to be crucified.

Maundy Thursday:  Jesus washed his disciples feet before he shared the Passover meal with them.  The disciples had the first communion ever that night with Jesus!  Then He took them with Him to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane where He was arrested.

Good Friday:  The day Jesus was crucified, he died at about noon.

Easter Sunday:  Celebration!!  Jesus has risen from the dead and is alive!!  Our sins our forgiven and we can have a best friend relationship with God, our Heavenly Father who loves us so!!

This is quite a lot of things to celebrate or remember and most of them aren’t too happy to think about.  I know they can sound weird if you are not familiar with the Christian faith.  Hopefully I have broken it down and simplified it a bit!

Easter is my favorite time of year.  I love it because it is a time to remember and reflect.  It seems like every year I gain a new understanding of just how much God loves me!  I know that I won’t be able to understand fully until I am in heaven with Him but for now, I pray that I can understand more every day so that I can better share that knowledge with others and live my life accordingly.  Do you know how much your life changes when you have an understanding that the most powerful thing in existence loves you and wants the best for you and wants to be your best friend!?!  That’s crazy – Awesome!

How do you celebrate Easter?


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