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Favorite Question

Workout:  30 minutes stairs/30 minutes elliptical

I thought I might die on the stairs but afterward I felt like a rock star!

me and my sister

me and my sister – she’s a rock star!

variety - sept. 4th 037 copy

He’s my dream boat!

I teach dance and acting to kids ages 2-18, actually, this session I have students under 2, one is 14 months!  It’s a little crazy!To begin each class I always have the students sit in a circle and say their name and the answer to a question about themselves.  It is a great exercise to help the students get to know each other, help me learn their names, and help them get more comfortable.  After almost 8 years I have a pretty steady rotation of questions, but I have one favorite question!

What do you want to be when you grow up??

I love this one!  Depending on the age of the students the answers vary from exciting to hilarious!  Today’s kids were 4-6 years old so most of them were hilarious!

“I want to be the Easter Bunny when I grow up.”  – girl, age 6

“I want to be a train driver, there will be accidents, but that’s ok.”  – boy, age 5

And the best one of the day:

– girl, age 4: “I want to be a firegirl.”

– boy, age 5:  “You can’t be a fire girl, by the time you’re grown up you’ll be a woman!”

– girl, age 4:  “No way, I’m not gonna be fat!”

What did you want to be when you grew up?

– A stay at home mom, a missionary, a pastor, a doctor, a dancer – see, even as a kid I knew I’d have a busy life!

Do you ask kids to do something just because they look so cute doing it?

– Yes, totally!  That’s one of the best perks of teaching!

Did you work out today?


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