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Funerals and Family and Faces

My hubby’s Grandma died recently and we had her funeral last weekend.  I feel like that’s all I really need to write.  You can probably guess the rest…


I got to venture into the wonderful and enchanting flower market bright and early Wednesday morning!  I loved it.  Give me a warehouse full of flowers and it’s a good day no matter what.  In my head I was skipping down the aisles with my long curly hair bouncing and the ribbons on my dress dancing in the wind.  Of course, I began to sing and was then accompanied by a small gathering of birds and we all sat in the middle of the flowers enjoying their beauty.  Oh wait, I’m not a Disney princess??  Whatever, it was awesome!  Plus one of the vendors asked my mother in law if he could ask me out so that’s always a bonus to the self-esteem!

Grandma’s favorite color was purple, these were the hydrangeas we used.

I haven’t had grandparents for about 10 years so this funeral was a bit different for me than it was for my hubby.  This is his first Grandparent to pass on and it was a bit rough for him.  Thankfully I’m really good at saying the wrong thing and being too blunt so after I said something like, “hey your Grandma’s dead, what are the plans for the funeral” he got over the initial shock and started to deal with things.  I do what I can to be a supportive wife!

I’ve only known Grandma for the past 2 years I enjoyed getting to know her and Grandpa a little bit more through the ceremony and family events.  Grandma and Grandpa were married for 72 years!  Wow!  They lived devoted to one another and to Jesus Christ.  The first time I met them was at their 70th Wedding Anniversary celebration and I have been impressed by their love and the way they lived their life ever since.  Even for the short time I knew them as a couple I am thankful for the example they have provided for me.

supportive wife

Also, I just had to share this picture because I am so excited about how good my skin is looking finally!  I have been searching for good skin products forever and I decided to give Mary Kay a try and I am super impressed by how well it works!  If you’re interested check out my site or email me for more info.  http://www.marykay.com/JuliaWallace


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