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Excited Peace

You know what is the coolest thing?!

I was super stressed, feeling attacked and like everything was going wrong.  It seemed like nothing was going right the first time.  There were all sorts of people making things more difficult or trying to stop me from doing things and it was just feeling awful.  I called my super prayer warrior husband and said, I need prayer right now, I feel like I am being attacked and I can’t take it.  So he stopped what he was doing and prayed with me and then when we got off the phone he continued to pray for me throughout his morning.  IMG_3166 - Version 2Two hours later, on my way from work back to school I had this overjoyed feeling while I was driving!  Like I could have jumped out of my car and flown to class all on my own!  It was the coolest thing.  I was sitting there thinking, why on earth do I feel this way.  Nothing has gotten easier, none of the stressful situations had been eradicated…and then I knew!  It was GOD!!  Answering my prayer!  He was giving me His peace and I knew things were going to be OK!  (Sometimes it’s too easy to forget that)

I think that is what an abundant life looks like.  A joyful life is not a life without stress, it is a life anchored in joy no matter what else is happening!

How do you feel about the word peace?

What does an abundant life or a joyful life look like to you?

Have you ever experienced peace in a time of chaos?

Have you ever been so excited you felt like you could fly?

– Sometimes a really good song makes me feel a little like that!  (I’m a dancer, I’m a weirdo!)

IMG_3167 - Version 2



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