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A Run

Since I am on break from school and dancing 6 hours a day I decided to try running again.

I went running in October and it was a big mistake.  I had shin splints for a month which was awful to deal with through performances and dance class.  Seriously, I looked like a mummy with all the tape I had all over my legs every day and every night Mark had to take the ice packs off me when he got in from work.  I am prone to shin splints and I have looked up tons of articles and stretches and talked to coaches and professors and physical therapists but no one really has a good cure.  I’ll let you know if I find something!  Dance shoes aren’t really made for shin splints as they have no supports in them at all and most of the time we are encouraged to dance barefoot – that’s how I got them in the first place!  I wear insoles in my shoes and have little bands that go around my arches for modern class when we are barefoot.  Most of the time this keeps them at bay but the running did me in this past semester.  And it was just one little 3 mile run!  I was so bummed.

In high school I danced and ran almost every day and I rarely had shin splints.  I don’t know what the deal is now but I’m hoping that if I slowly ease back into running then by the time school starts maybe I’ll be ok?  I used to LOVE running.  I was on cross-country and we would run all the time for soccer conditioning.  We had a treadmill growing up and I spent a lot of time logging miles, plus I grew up by the American River and  when ever I could I would drag my sister along with me to run the trail!  I wasn’t allowed to run it alone because of mountain lions and my parents overall over-protectiveness!

When I started dancing pretty seriously in college my professor found out I was running and tried to kill me!  She said it was the worst thing I could do for my body and told me I had to find something else for training/conditioning.  Since I’m a dancer and I have grown up thinking dance teacher = master of all things knowledgeable I quit running!  Only later did I find out it would have probably been ok to run as long as I kept it to low mileage and added in some low impact alternatives.

Then I got sick and I had to stop everything.  Doctors told me that the most exercise I could ever expect to do was maybe 15 minutes low impact walking or elliptical for the rest of my life.  Being sick was life altering.  Obviously.  But, now I am better than any doctor ever imagined thanks to God and His miracles, Reliv and lots of other factors, like a good support team and Mark and some lifestyle altering.

Since I am doing better than I have been in the past 7 years I have wanted to start running again.  I know it has to be a slow introduction and I am being very careful to listen to my body and not push myself too hard.  I get into big trouble when I push too hard and too often end up sick or paying for it with more fibromyalgia symptoms for months.

So, yesterday I ran for the first time since October.  It was marvelous!  I loved every second!  I did 5 minute intervals of 12:00 miles to 10:30 minute miles with no music.  Just enjoying the rhythm of my steps.  My hips are sore and my calfs are a little tight but no shin splints yet!  Yay!

special Christmas jewelry from my awesome Mamma!

special Christmas jewelry from my awesome Mamma!


new jacket from my Mom! I had to take a picture and send it to her this am on the way to church and thought I would share it with you too! I thought I looked cute today but 3 different people asked me if I was ok or if I was sick so I guess I needed a bit more makeup! I’m just pale people! This is what happens in the winter!


Do you run?  How did you start running?

Dose your Mom help you with your wardrobe?

-Majorly!  There is rarely a day when I am not wearing something my Mom bought me or an outfit she put together for me!  She is such a great shopper and way better at figuring out what looks good on me than I am!  Although we have an ongoing disagreement about the idea of color families and outfits matching if they are within the same color family!  I know, I’m a weirdo!


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