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Sunday Funday

1.  Last weekend’s dance performance for a charity was so fun!


2.  I have had “The Stand” by Hillsong on repeat for the past hour.

3.  I am still not dealing with the fact that I have to be at school on Good Friday, it just seems weird.

4.  I found out that George does not cook tilapia well 😦

5.  I am trying to enjoy every second of dancing.  I’ve even been counting the days to make sure I enjoy them and don’t let my weariness get the better of me; I know this time is special and will be gone before I know it!

6.  On Saturday I took class for 9 hours!  Can you believe it!?  On a Saturday!  Who does that!?  It was fun though, totally different than classes during the week, much more laid back!

7.  I have to dance in heels. on a stage. in 2 weeks…I’m scared!  Mark is only a couple of inches taller than me so I don’t wear heels much.  Add some dancing to that and I mostly am just trying not to break an ankle!  Eeee, this is going to be interesting!

8.  I checked out a new Karen Kingsbury book before the semester started thinking I’d have time to read it while I was in school…haha, good one Jewels!  I got through chapter 1 before I had to return it!  Summer time book list here I come!

9.  I can’t wait for rainy season!  I love it.  I know, don’t tell everyone else in California, they’ll kick me out!

10.  My mom gets to see my sister and brother and the rest of my awesome family this week and I am so jealous!

Your turn, tell me something random/fun/weird/exciting about yourself so we can get to know each other better!


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