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30 Dances

Right now my brain is trying to keep track of 30 dances at once!  It’s like mush in there!  Seriously!

I can’t choreograph another thing right now!  With the 10 classes I teach – and some of those have multiple dances we’re working on at once and then 8 classes of my own and the production where we’re learning 15 dances at once my brain is done. Wait, I think that’s more than 30 dances!  Shh, don’t tell my brain, it might explode!

Good thing my classes all have performances this week so I will have a break soon!

Speaking of which!  It’s performance week!  So fun!  I teach classes on an 8 week rotation so that means about every 2 months we have a performance!  It’s great for the students because they get a ton of opportunities to perform and get comfy being on stage plus the parents get lots of pictures of their cute kiddos dancing on stage!  I like it too because that means I get to start with all new routines every 2 months so things never get boring!DSCN5618

How do you feel about being on stage?

Did you participate in performing arts as a kid?

Are you dancing right now?

Preparing for a show?

What’s your favorite part: being on stage, back stage or in the audience?

– I think my favorites are back stage and on stage!!



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