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Sunday Funday

Random Facts

1.  I’m really sad about the Duggars suffered a miscarriage with baby #20.

2.  I bought 3 different kinds of squash yesterday that I have never heard of and am attempting a new recipe this week.

3.  One more final on Tuesday and I’m done with school for a few weeks.

4.  Contemplating degree programs is a bigger process than I remember.

5.  I would never survive in actual cold weather.  It’s in the 60s and I am wearing everything I own and snuggled under blankets by the heater.

6.  I LOVE my birthday snuggie!  I never thought such a silly invention would really be as amazing as it actually is!

7.  I love watching movies and watch a minimum of 4 a week with my hubby.

8.  I finally watched the last season of SCRUBS but I was sad about the series finale, it seemed so anticlimactic.

9.  My husband and I don’t enjoy decorating for Christmas, shh, don’t tell our mothers.

10.  I can’t wait to see my dog next week!


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