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Shot Blocks


I need your advice!



I recently tried out Shot Blocks because I had been hearing about them and thought they might help my energy levels during long classes.  I have 4 different classes that are over 3 hours long and I need some way to refuel without getting sick.  Eating while dancing doesn’t work so well for me.






Shot Blocks and other energy boosting supplements are large gummy pieces of flavor!  (They definitely taste good!)  They mostly have sugar and sodium and calories in them and they are designed to help you refuel while you are working out.  They are supposed to be easy to digest and quickly absorb into your body.


All that sounds great!  But, I just don’t know how much they really help!  It mostly seems like a lot of sugar.  I looked on the ingredients and it seems like the only difference between some of these brands and gummy bears is the sodium and the actual size of each piece!  I know the sodium helps with dehydration and electrolytes and gummy bears don’t do anything about that part, but other than that it kinda seems like these just give you a sugar boost which would inevitably be followed by a crash.








Have you used any of these types of products?   Do they work?  







Are they worth the money?  


Do you experience a crash?  Which brands do you prefer?  









Do you refuel during a workout?  What do you use?


– See, I told you I need your advice!  I have a million questions for you today!  Please help!





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