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King Triton = Father God??

So, last night I got to preach for a wonderful group of Middle School students.  I love preaching because it has become a new way for me to learn more about God and grow closer to Him that I feel privileged to enjoy.  I definitely believe it’s a little hidden perk of being a pastor!  And for sure they didn’t cover it in any of my ministry 101 classes in college!  I love that I learn new things from the Holy Spirit even as I am preaching!  The term “anointed preaching” has a whole new meaning
Back to the sermon…So last night I got to use one of my favorite Disney movies in an illustration!  Of course, any time I can include the Little Mermaid, it is a good thing!
We were looking at Jesus Christ being the savior and the one who took on our sins for us so that we can have eternal life.  You know the verse in Romans, “for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of Christ is eternal life.”  Great verse.  I even had a precious student saying it along with me from memory!
Alright, think back to The Little Mermaid.  We have a beautiful mermaid named Ariel who falls in love with an oh so handsome prince charming by the name of Prince Eric.  And yes, I secretly want to name my first-born son Eric after him, don’t tell my future son though!
Seriously, back to the sermon now.  So, Ariel trades her freedom to Ursala for the chance to make Eric fall in love with her.  Her bad choice of course comes with many little catches.  She has to trade in her voice, and she only has 3 days.  A little thing miss Ariel doesn’t know is that the only thing Prince Eric remembers about her is her voice…in walks Ursala, stealing Ariel’s man and sentencing Ariel to a lifetime existence in Ursala prison as a seaweed type creature.
This is when things get good.  Her FATHER, KING Triton steps in to take her place.  He GIVES HIS LIFE for Ariel and takes her place in Ursala prison.   Ariel is then free to live her life with the Prince while her father suffers his daughters consequences.
Eventually, good prevails and Ursala is killed.  ALL are freed from her prison and allowed to live their lives free from the evil undersea presence of Ursala.  King Triton is restored to his throne and this time he allows his daughter to become a person on much better terms.  She gets her legs and still gets to have a relationship with her sea friends and family.  There is no 3 day limitation and of course, she gets to keep her lovely voice.  The difference, this time, she let her FATHER in on her plan, he BLESSED it and provided an even better way then she had originally imagined (continued contact with her friends and family.)  Plus, she has a spectacular wedding day and the Disney version of fireworks, a rainbow!
Thank you Lord, for taking my place and freeing me from the consequences of my bad decisions.  Thank you for sacrificing your son Jesus so that I can live in freedom and your grace.

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