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Wait 5 Minutes

I did it!  I got into all of my classes!  Woohoo!  That’s the second time that has happened in all of college!

Today I taught Tap and Ballet for kids ages 2-4!  They are so precious and totally adorable!  But, they have an attention span that lasts maybe 2 seconds!  So when you put 15 of them in one room for 45 minutes chaos ensues!  It is awesome!  But there is a reason this class is only once a week and 45 minutes long!  I don’t know if I could do it any longer!

Today one of the little girls wanted her mommy during class because she missed her.  Totally normal and at least half the class asks for their parent at some time during the first few classes, especially if they are younger and this is their first class.  This little girl was super cute today though!  I told her that her mommy would be back in 5 minutes and that for now she wanted to watch her dance from the hallway but soon she would be in to join her.  The little girl wandered back to her place to dance but then after thinking for a second she came back to me and tapped me gently on the leg.  She said, “But Miss Julia, 5 minutes is such a long time to wait!”  Oh the cuteness of a 3 year old!!

Then I thought about how many times 5 minutes really did seem like a long time!  Or even still, when what we are waiting on from God feels like an eternity away.  It helped me remember that God’s timing is perfect and that He does have a reason for everything.  Like me and this little girl.  It is good for her to be without her mommy for a little while and explore being independent.  Her mom was watching the whole time and she was perfectly safe during her class even though she may have felt a little anxiety with the separation.  How many times is God trying to teach us something during our time of waiting, watching us, making sure we are safe as He allows us to grow a little and learn something that makes us better…


The little girl was fine and had a great time in class.  Although the things I am waiting on have taken years longer than 5 minutes I got a gentle reminder today that God IS in control and does everything for the good of those who love Him and is always working out His perfect plan.  Even in this time of waiting – to graduate, to have or adopt children, to own a home, to be out of debt, to have my parents live closer to me, and the other littler things I am waiting on, I feel God’s peace and I am reminded that things will happen in His time and that someday, maybe not til heaven, it might make better sense.

IMG_2061 2DSCN0171

What lessons have you learned from a child lately?

What are you waiting for?


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