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Sunday Funday

1.  I like moving.

2.  I love scented lotions, especially those from Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret.

3.  I finished the Hunger Games Series, I read each book in under 4 days, I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever read a series!  Yay summer!

4.  Next up, finally finish the Harry Potter series, I’m on book 5!

5.  I love the sun but I burn in like 10 minutes so actually spending time in the sun is a huge hassle involving gallons of sunscreen and feeling/smelling like a beach for the rest of the day.

6.  Yesterday I realized that one of my things I do for my husband (because I love him and all) is watch all sorts of ridiculous/lame/offensive/gross/boring/and weird movies!  Why this hadn’t added up until now, I do not know.  Before him I was much more picky about the movies I watched and how much time I spend watching tv/movies, which reminds me…

Santa Monica

7.  As a kid I had a self-imposed rule for how much tv/movies I watched!  I told you I’m a closet nerd!

8.  Lame Confession:  I’m trying to quit diet soda and it’s hard.  :/

9.  As I drink less caffeine I’ve discovered that although it doesn’t keep me awake or give me more energy it does make me shake when I have too much and give me headaches when I don’t have enough.  Again, how I just discovered this, I don’t know!

10.  I really want to go on a mission trip but for some reason the last few I planned/wanted to go on fell through.  What’s the deal with that?



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