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Youth Group

A church in need is a church indeed.

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It seems that everyone is struggling financially and that of course includes the church.  As we tie up the end of the year finances it can be a bit depressing seeing the state of funding.  It is easy to become panicked by the lack on monetary funds intended to create/build this marvelous youth ministry I have dreamed up.  Does this call for discouragement and questioning of whether this is the right place to be spending money?  A little.  Does this call for a need for creative ideas for ministry on a very small currently non-existent youth budget?!  Yes!  Of course!  Hey, Jesus didn’t have any money and He created a pretty good ministry!  Maybe with His help I can work something out!  Ha!

What is the purpose of youth ministry?

This seems to be a good place to come back to as I contemplate the coming year.  Actually, I come back to this very basic question quite often.  I am very purpose driven.  I like efficiency and effectiveness.  I always like to know the purpose for my actions and what the end goal is.

Youth ministry.

A ministry created to share God’s love with teens.  The goal is to teach them of God’s hope during the difficult times of adolescents and build a solid foundation for their future life choices.  The goal is to teach them to make Christ centered decisions and create for themselves Christ centered lives.  A Christ centered life looks like a life of purpose and service and adventure.  A Christ centered life focuses first on Loving God and then on Loving Others.

So, how do you teach ALL THAT???

I’ll let you know when I find out!  Is it through the meticulous planning of ice skating and dinner events?  Is it by getting them to sign up for this years mission trip?  Is it going to camp?

From my experience, it is not the event itself, but the gradual, consistent relationships that are established through these planned events that create and fulfill the purpose of youth ministry…

What do you think?  Were you a part of a youth group as a teen?  What was one of the significant things that you learned during your involvement?


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