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The Last Day

This is it, the last day of winter break is here.  I can’t believe it.  It has been a wonderful 2 months off from school!

I am anxious and excited to go back to school.  This is (hopefully) my last semester of my Dance Teaching and Technique Certificates (I am earning 2 of them!!)  I say hopefully because you guys know how hard it has been for me to get through school and hopefully I won’t get sick and nothing crazy will happen to me to make it impossible to finish the semester.  I’m praying it all goes well.

Actually, I think that is a major reason why I have anxiety about school.  There have been so many semesters when crazy, unplanned things have happened to me that made it so I couldn’t finish out the semester.  I had at least 2 years of illness where I thought I was healthy enough to go to school and then I got sick or injured and it put me in bed for a few months.  Plus there was the original year when I first got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and it was super super bad because I also had mono/Epstein bar which became chronic fatigue syndrome.  It took them more than a year to figure out it was Fibro but that first year I went to more doctors than classes and I was so drugged up I couldn’t function anyway!  Don’t you love it how pain medicine makes you more tired than the Fibro!?!  (yeah right!)

So, what shall I do with this last day of freedom!?!  I have the WHOLE DAY because it’s President’s day so I don’t have to go to school!  What an awesome back to school present huh!!

We’ll start out with yummy lunch and then maybe a movie?  or smoothies??  What do you think?  Remember I get the whole night to myself because Mark works nights so we get to party during the day!  Woohoo!


Have I told you yet that I’m obsessed with scarfs!!


He’s so handsome! And that’s his new Christmas sweatshirt! What a stud!


Yum!! I just hope this doesn’t become my “Lemon Chicken” (Everybody Loves Raymond fans!?!)

What’s your go to meal?

Do you have the day off?  How are you going to spend it?

Are you in school right now?

What makes you anxious?!


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