Dance Performance

Hi best friends!  I miss you so much!

As you probably guessed, school + work + dancing til my legs fall off + various performances & auditions has gotten a little hectic!

Things are going great except that I sprained my ankle at an audition on Friday 😦

Good news:  I got in!

Bad news:  I may not be able to dance it now that my ankle is injured. 😦

It’s super hard to be out watching.  I haven’t been injured in a way that makes me stop dancing in a long time and it is noooooo fun!  My professors make us watch and take notes.  It’s really good for learning and I prefer it to not being there at all but it’s so hard to watch everybody else dance when you know you can’t.  It’s like watching a really fun party happen that you weren’t invited to.  I am taking super good care of it and resting and elevating and icing so I can get back to it ASAP!!!!

I told you about this super awesome charity event that I got to dance in a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t share all the cute pictures yet!  We had a blast, it was all people selected from my dance company at school.  We got to eat dinner in a pretty, fancy banquet room and hang out with really nice people and a 9 piece orchestra!  Then we got to dance and get into the Old Hollywood spirit with costumes, music and a little bit of acting!  It was such an honor and I am so thankful that I got to be apart of this experience!

These are some of the pictures we took from our performance, there was a red carpet which we of course used for our impromptu photo shoot after the performance!







How have you been?!  Fill me in!  I’ve missed you!


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