Our Obsession With Arby’s

If you haven’t been to Arby’s you have to go!  It’s so good!  We don’t have one near us but we both grew up close to one and we love it.  There are 2 that we know of in Southern California and we have definitely driven the 45 minutes to eat there before.  I know, it’s ridiculous, but it is what it is!  No one in our lives understands this and most people try to pretend like they don’t know us when we admit to this!

We went on a date night to Arby’s!

You’re probably thinking we are lame-tastic for going on a “date” to a fast food restaurant, but remember how we’re poor/cheap?!  It works for us!

Actually!  You should try it!  It’s kinda  super fun!

My hubby knows me too well and knows that I like sauce just as much as I like whatever food I’m putting it on more…let’s be honest, most of the time I like the sauce more than I like the food it’s going on!

So this is what he did for me!


Don’t worry one of the red sauces is for him!

 Then I made some art work out of them and of course took pictures!  Who says you shouldn’t play with your food!? 2013-03-22_21-49-44_749



And the people in the booth behind us definitely thought we were crazy!

Also, I was completely spoiled with a surprise when I got home from school today!!


My love language is gifts and the hubster definitely has got this one nailed down!  These were waiting for me for no reason at all except that he loves me!!  How wonderful!  A sweet, homemade card, ‘Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2’ and Red roses!  All my favorite things!!

p.s.  someday I will get a better camera on my phone and you won’t have to look at such bad quality photos 😦 the photographer part of me cries a little when I see these.

Ever been on a date to a fast food restaurant?

What’s your favorite fast food place?

Ever been to Arby’s?  Do you love it as much as we do??

What’s your love language?



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One response to “Our Obsession With Arby’s

  1. One word: jamocha shake. 😉 that’s a really sweet gift he got u!:) happy for u! U know I love innout:) yeah why don’t we have more Arby’s?!

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