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Feeling Old


Sorry, I took an unintentional vacation, I couldn’t figure out how to log back into my account.  I know, I know, I’ll save you the trouble, I KNOW I am ridiculously bad at technology!

Anyway, I made it through my birthday and only had a couple of melt downs in which I was sure more wrinkles appeared on my face instantaneously and I over analyzed the state of my not so glowing skin.  It’s ok though, to help me deal my hubby called me kid all day!  Yeah, I know, it’s silly, but one of the millions of reasons why he is the perfect man for me!

My parents are in town for the weekend on their way to visit family in Arizona.  We went down to San Diego for a huge Vaxinate with 88 meeting.  It went great but we were in the car for 4.5 hours trying to get back home in traffic on a drive that should have taken 2 hours max.  It was nice though to have some good family time.  Nothing like being stuck in the car in traffic going about 5 mph to get in good bonding time!

The hubs had to work today though so it was just me and the rents.  I missed him, ok, we all missed him!  But it was nice to just be with my parents for a bit and have some alone time with them.  That really doesn’t happen much.  With all the traveling and working and siblings around I don’t get my one on one time!  I loved it!  And yes, I secretly pretended I was an only child for the day!  Sorry sibs, I totally adore you!  But sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be an only child!  Just sometimes though!

Ok, exhausted, had an 18+ hour day today.  This weekend is my first official Sunday at my new job.  Getting excited with all the prep work!  Lots and Lots to do starting up a new ministry!

Happy Birthday Hubby! I didn't get pics of my birthday, oops!


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