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Favorite Place

One of my favorite places is in Sacramento…(I know this sounds weird)

The American River is so gorgeous and peaceful I can’t help but feel happy when I am there.  That is probably why I make my parents go with me every time I visit them!


Growing up, going to the river was always a treat.  It usually involved a fun family day together or an awesome run with my sister or a family bike day.  It always sparks happy memories of adventures.  To quote Pocahontas, “what I love most about rivers is, you can never step in the same river twice, the waters always changing, always flowing.”  The Disney Pocahontas, that is.  Although maybe the real Pocahontas sang that too! 😉



Anyway, the river is up there with the ocean for me.  I love it.  It is a place of peace for me.  A place to have special moments with God.  A time to be reminded of His beauty and power and how much He loves me.


Whenever I feel these things I am reminded that He made me to feel these things and He delights in my delight!


Where do you go to feel peace?

Do you have a favorite place from your childhood?  Do you ever go back?

Are you a ocean, river, mountains or desert person?

– Ocean, or water in general, I’m not really a get dirty kind of person and the mountains and the desert seem dirty!  Ha!  I’ll ignore the sand that gets in everything I take to the beach!

Do you force your family to go with you on silly adventures and then force them to pose with you for a 1000 pictures once you get there? 🙂

– yes.  But I secretly think they are happy about it.  At least they are later when they see the pictures 🙂


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